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0002008Freenetinstallerpublic2008-01-23 17:052008-01-24 20:54
Assigned Totoad 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.7 
Summary0002008: Start Freenet icon
DescriptionWe must install an easy way to start freenet on those platforms which don't currently support auto-start - OS/X and Linux. IMHO we should include it on all platforms, along with a stop icon. It is very surprising that we have any users at all on non-Windows platforms given there is no way to restart it once you have rebooted after installing!
Additional Information[freenet-support] Not able to restart a node
 Date: Today 16:32:23
 From: "Luigi Grosso" <>
 Reply to:
i am using freenet on a macintosh intel "mac mini" with leopard.
When I arrest the node i can't restart it again.
When visiting with the browser the page [^] the answer is
that the browser can't connect to server.
The only way to make it work again is to reinstall freenet again, losing the
Thanks in advance.

Luigi Grosso
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toad (administrator)
2008-01-23 17:07

[21:08] <toad_> what's wrong with the installer?
[21:08] <toad_> yeah
[21:08] <nextgens> it doesn't set the macos startup script properly
[21:08] <toad_> well if it has to be 0.7.1 that's not catastrophic
[21:08] <nextgens> "should work" but "doesn't"
[21:08] <toad_> but it'd be nice to have something soonish
[21:09] <nextgens> and macos users are as dumb as windows ones
[21:09] <toad_> okay, so it doesn't auto-start on OS/X (though it's supposed to) or on Linux (it's not supposed to)
[21:09] <toad_> hehe linux users are often as dumb as windows users
[21:09] <nextgens> they are scared by the command line => they reinstall a node each time they want to start it up
[21:09] <toad_> well we do add a start-freenet icon don't we?
[21:09] <nextgens> nope
[21:09] <toad_> ah
[21:09] <toad_> well that would be a good start!
[21:10] <nextgens> because it's supposed to auto-start ;)
[21:10] <toad_> well yeah except on linux it doesn't
[21:10] <toad_> nor on OS/X atm
[21:10] <nextgens> we have a script
[21:10] <toad_> would it be hard to add an icon?
[21:10] <nextgens> but you've to pass the start argument to it
[21:10] <nextgens> on linux we do
[21:10] <nextgens> on macos I dunno
[21:10] <toad_> well imho we should have a start icon anyway, have it be harmless if the node is already running
[21:10] <toad_> and a stop icon
[21:10] <toad_> but i thought we had
[21:11] <nextgens> I don't think we do
[21:11] <toad_> because we want people to be able to stop and start freenet when doing heavy stuff - instead of uninstalling it
[21:11] <nextgens> if I could get hold of a mac those problems would be fixed already

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